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The first thing you should know about me is that I dress up as video game characters in my spare time.

The second thing you should know about me is that I lead a completely (well, sort of) normal existence.

I know that most people would consider those two things at odds with each other, as there is a very “x plus y equals this” mentality in the world. Girl makes costumes and wears them to conventions, she’s strange. Nope. I also go to school, have a normal social life, do laundry, take public transit, and am bad at math. I just find the dressing up as video game characters to be a lot more enjoyable than most of that.

My name is Andrea, I’m on the cusp on twenty one, and I’ve been exercising my weird, creative fantasies for about ten years now. Back when I was twelve, the tools of my trade were some watercolor paints and bed sheets pinned into the shape of a skirt, or old clothing that I mutilated beyond recognition. Now, I’m more apt to use fabric, a pattern, and a sewing machine to make the 2D come to life (although I am sorely tempted by curtains I saw in the thrift store the other day. They have the perfect embroidery for an Amano design…). People made fun of me in middle school because I dressed up as Aerith from Final Fantasy VII on Halloween, so I stopped. Being unaccepted in middle school, for a girl the age of twelve, is torture. And dealing with the mean glares of early teenage girls is even worse.

Trust me, it gets a lot easier once you get to high school and stop caring. A year after I graduated, I built my first real costume that I wore (and still wear) with pride at conventions: a replica of Celes Chere’s opera dress from Final Fantasy VI.

But I am not starting a blog to talk about myself, my problems, or even my personal life. I’m starting this blog to record the journey of creating my dream costume for Anime Boston 2012. Right now, the fabric is laying in pieces on the floor of a seriously crowded bedroom I share with someone. In April of next year, it will be whole. It will be a beautiful gown that I built from the bottom up.

It’ll be a long nine months.


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