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I’m not just creating a blog to talk about making just one costume, or even to catalog the journey of my own costumes. It is a learning experience, my reviews on certain methods and fabrics, and can even spawn tutorials. We’ll see what happens.

Currently in my sewing world, I am cutting out fabric what will henceforth be known as simply, dream dress. I didn’t really look at the pattern when I bought it, only to check the measurements. I didn’t really look at the yardage because, well, in my experience with cosplay it’s hard enough to find a pattern that can be easily modified, and I’m no pattern maker. I almost choked when I saw the yardage this pattern wants in my skirt.

Twelve yards.

Twelve. Yards.

I seriously don’t know if that can even fit on my body, but I am going to have a damn beautiful train. I’m modifying from McCall’s 5321, without the pinned effect (which of course counts for the serious amount of skirt yardage). I’ve got almost everything cut out, I believe I am three skirt pieces short of getting ready to sew! The fabric I’m using is casa satin, and I really need to get a good pair of left-handed pinking shears.

In things that are not for me, I’m helping/guiding a close friend along as she makes a Daenerys costume from HBO’s Game of Thrones to wear to Arisia and Anime Boston. We’ve got a pattern (McCall’s 6351) and are doing a seriously comprehensive fabric search to try and find the perfect weight, drape, and color.


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