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In-Progress Projects: What I’ve Been Doing The Last Month

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What have I been doing the past month? Nothing, really.

I did buy supplies for a project I started two years ago and then scrapped at the last minute: A Yoshitaka Amano-based Terra from FFVI! None of this Dissidia nonsense, either. I want this piece to be truly Amano inspired: lots of wispy florals and abstract shapes. I want it to look like a 3D watercolor painting. Red silk dupioni,three layer chiffon painted cape, and lots of fabric paint is what I’ve got so far.

I’ve also been messing around with some silly Lady GaGa themed projects, just in my own leisure time. Nothing fancy, and probably nothing for a con.

My birthday was a couple days ago (my 21st, I celebrated by having my first day of class)! My boyfriend decided to be wonderful, so I am now the owner of a BRAND NEW SERGER!!!!! I’m so excited, now I feel like I can finally start on my projects and have them  look polished and professional as opposed to my normal God-I-hope-this-is-straight hemlines. I haven’t had a chance to play with it because we are in progress of moving to a different room so space is a bit cluttered. But I’m so happy and can’t wait to sew with it!


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