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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Cosplay…

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…for me to squee about Distant Worlds.

For those of you unaware, Distant Worlds, as described on their website, is “the music of Nobuo Uematsu performed by a full symphony orchestra”. They’ve been traveling around the world for a couple of years, and I had the immense honor of seeing the show when it went to NYC last year. I saw it both nights it was there, and met Nobuo Uematsu after the show. Him and the conductor, Arnie Roth, signed my ticket and a copy of the FFVIII Piano Collection soundtrack. It was so cool. Before this, they never really went to the east coast, so I figured this would be a life-time chance.

Nope! Distant Worlds is coming to my hometown of Boston, MA on March 10, 2012! I have already made undignified noises and almost peed my pants when I saw, so I will refrain from doing that now. Tickets go on sale November 22! Unfortunately, it looks like Uematsu will not be in attendance this time 😦

To make this (sort of) related to the subject of this blog, my best friend and cosplay sidekick Anne is attending with me, and you can bet that we will be showing up in costume. We’re running through our heads the different FF gear that is sort-of formal without being full on formal. No opera dress for this, folks. So far we’ve been thinking of two sets of things we’ve always wanted to do: Wallmarket Style Aerith and Tifa from FFVII, or Seed Uniform Selphie and Waltz for the Moon Rinoa from FFVIII. I think we’re leaning towards the latter – Selphie and Rinoa are Anne and my Final Fantasy look-alikes, respectively. Rinoa’s dress was one of the first things I started to sew! I found the pieces of it in my attack and almost cried because the fabric I was using was cotton. Oh, twelve-year-old self, what were you thinking?



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