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I’m sitting here with my best friend as she drills holes into plastic Monopoly houses to make them into earrings. We are having a crafty, costume-y night. All of my materials for Garnet have been purchased (I think) and now all that remains is to take fabric and turn  it into something wonderful. I’m embroidering outline of the vine design onto the bodice, glass of rum and Coke in my hand. Actually, that sounds like a bad idea. Let me put down the greatest offender here – my bodice.

In the past two hours, I have gained immense respect for other Garnet cosplayers, as well as those who have embroidered other parts of their costumes. Check out user AllieBeth’s fully embroidered Yuna obi and skirt. That is so amazing to me, especially since it’s taken me about two hours to sew seven leaves and a foot long straight line.

Anyways, I’ve got seven leaves, the hair clasp, and the base of the crown done. I feel like I am making so much progress in one night, even though the hardest part is yet to come.


Arisia is next weekend, and my wig for my Amy Pond cosplay still hasn’t shipped. So I’ll be the cherry red Amy and not the ginger red Amy. See you there.


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