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Amy Pond Costume Breakdown

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While I prepare for Arisia  tomorrow by painting my nails, I wanted to do a quick breakdown of the costume I will be wearing this weekend! I’ll be cosplaying as Amy Pond from Doctor Who from the Season 5 double episode Time of Angels/Flesh of Stone. Click here for a photo of the outfit!

I’m looking forward to Arisia this weekend! Two conventions in one year makes me a happy person.

Wig: I will not be in wig Friday (my wig just shipped a couple of days ago and won’t arrive until Friday when I’ll already be at the con – d’oh) but the wig I will be wearing Saturday and Sunday is the Linda from the New Look line in Fire Red. I bought mine from Amphigory. I’ve also heard that the Nicole wig from the New Look line is a great match, but I couldn’t find the Nicole in stock anywhere! Friday I will be in my natural hair color (well, not really) which is a stubborn dark auburn that I can’t get any lighter. The black headband I bought in a pack at the drugstore.

Sweatshirt: The Red Dolman batwing hoodie from American Apparel. This is the screen accurate one that they used for the show! I think they have a tendency to go in and out of stock at AA, so I would snap one up now if you want one.

Skirt: I went down to Forever 21 with the intention of finding a cheap, basic, black skirt. I succeeded. I believe Amy’s is actually denim (and possibly high waisted), but the one I bought isn’t denim. But it is high waisted! Also, try on things before you leave the store. I bought a size too small because the size up looked too big. It fits, but barely.

Tights: Gray, sheer tights that I bought from Target a while ago. These should be very easy to find, as they are a basic clothing staple.

Black socks: I have no black socks. I stole mine from my boyfriend. Oops.

Shoes: Converse High-Tops in Navy. Although, looking at photos, I think I made a boo boo and bought the wrong color. Amy’s look quite similar to the Royal color.

Nail Polish: Ugh, I covet Karen Gillian’s nails so much. Here is a great screencap of Amy’s nails from I’m using OPI by Sephora in Metro Chic. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic is also a great match.



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