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Arisia 2012 Con Report!

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I would have posted this up yesterday after I got home, but it seems like conventions get ten times more exhausting every day, and I’m definitely not used to four day conventions. I had a really… unique time at Arisia, not that this is a bad thing. It was a very different experience, and the crowd was different than I am used to seeing at Anime Boston. It was very strange to see the same people five or six times a day! But also more personable.  Anyways, here is my take and thoughts as I reflect on the weekend.

Can I just say that wearing a comfortable costume is SO COOL! I was super comfortable all day and my feet never bothered me. I loved it so much that I might bring Amy out for Anime Boston on Friday or Sunday if I can’t get other stuff done. ANYWAYS! We got there around two, so it was much before anything was going on yet. We were probably in the reg line for about fifteen minutes- it was very organized and everyone clearly knew where to go from signs and whatnot. The Dealer’s Room had a lot of interesting stuff in it (I have so many business cards from people). Everyone was very friendly at the Dealer’s Room. We got to see the absolutely AMAZING TARDIS corset in person, and her seamstress was extremely nice and hilarious. We also got to see the Stormtrooper cake that’s been going around on the Internet, which was very cool.

The first panel we went to was about gender in science fiction. It was a great idea, and very interesting and gave me a few things to think about. I’m trying to remember what else we went to but I am seriously blanking. But we ended up leaving Friday at around eleven after having a great first day. On Saturday, we went to a couple of informative and awesome panels about costuming: Costuming on the Cheap and Costuming Tips and Resources. Both were very interesting, well run, and had some great tips. We literally took notes. I have to say that I really enjoyed the accessibility of the panels at Arisia. They were all fifteen minutes apart, and with the Westin being a cozy space, I never felt rushed or frustrated that I was going to be late to something. There was enough time to get from place to place. We also got to eat the awesome Stormtrooper cake from the day before. I left early on Saturday at around six, there being nothing really that I wanted to do, and exhausted from the day before. I also got recognized a lot today, which is always cool! Sunday and Monday we did a lot of the same: panels and hanging out in the lobby people watching and relaxing.  Monday morning I came just to see another panel that I thought was a really awesome discussion: Self Objectification and the Geeky Girl. There was a great group of discussion in the panel, and it was really interesting to hear feedback on the issues from others.

I thought Arisia was really great. Although it was a small and more intimate experience than I’m used to, it was a great first con experience and a warm-up to the new year. Bring on Anime Boston!


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