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Pre-Anime Boston Craziness

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For the past month I have been MIA while I immersed myself in piles of white satin and embroidery floss. This year was very different from past years of Anime Boston – for one thing, I finished my costume yesterday, and not Friday at 5AM. But Princess Garnet is ready to go! She just needs some ironing. Today I’m getting all set and packed, doing the pre-reg badge pick up, and then I get to parade around as a pretty, pretty princess all weekend.

I’m working with some amazing photographers, which I am very excited about. If anyone reading this is interested in hanging out, click over to my DeviantArt where I have my schedule posted. I’ll also be at the Final Fantasy photoshoot meet-ups on Friday and Sunday (I wish I could make Saturday, but I’m busy :() It’s my personal goal to get pictures with the practically fifty different Garnets there. If you’re dressed as her, SAY HI!

I was planning on doing a costume breakdown post before I left, but time crept up on me and it’s going to have to be after the con. I’ll also be live-blogging the con on my Twitter, if anyone is interested. See you at the con!


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