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30 Days of Cosplay Challenge – Day One

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In an attempt to blog every day for thirty days and get in the habit of making posts, I found the 30 days of cosplay challenge meme on Tumblr. So the next few weeks will be my attempt to complete the challenge, and to try and make posts that are worthwhile and longer than two sentences.

Day One: Your first cosplay

I’m not really sure where to begin here, so I think I’ll answer this question in two parts: the first thing I made after I was aware of what cosplay was, and the first thing I wore to a convention. For the first part of the question, I was Aeris from Final Fantasy VII for Haloween one year. I didn’t sew it or anything, my mom and I found a prom dress and a jacket a thrift store, and I painted the jacket red. The first thing that I wore to a convention was my Celes opera dress that I wore to my first Anime Boston in 2009. It was also one of the first things I had sewn, and definitely the first thing I had sewn where I actually knew (mostly) what I was doing.

A lot of people said that I was overreaching myself when I tried to do Celes as a first major sewing project, but I say screw ’em. I learn by trial and error, and by doing large projects that may be technically challenging. If you have enough drive and determination, skill level doesn’t really matter, because you can teach yourself enough of whatever it is you will be doing.


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