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30 Day Cosplay Meme: Day 3

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Day 3: Your most recent cosplay

My most recent cosplay would be Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX.

Photo by Stephen Tang

I wore her to this past Anime Boston. This has also been one of my dream costumes since when I first saw the dress, oh, ten years ago? It feels relieving and really good to cross dream costumes off of your lists, let me tell you.

My dress is made from casa satin that was given to me by my best friend (thanks, Anne!). I love casa satin (obviously, the name of my blog makes that obvious!) because it’s a satin without being a costume satin. It is an extremely versatile fabric that I think I’ve used on almost everything I’ve made. It’s my go-to fabric, and Joann’s Fabrics  has a bunch of colors and it goes on sale all of the time. The only drawback of Joann’s casa is that it’s polyester, meaning that it can’t really be dyed (I’ve never tried iDye Poly, though, which could work). Anyways.

The pattern I used was McCall’s 5321. I altered it a bit in the skirt area. I did not make a mock-up, but I really recommend it to anyone using this pattern. The skirt has a pinned effect which you don’t need for Garnet, and doing a mock-up can save you A LOT of fabric. I used a stretch casa from Joann’s for her gloves, which I did freehand and on my serger.

The embroidery… eep, the embroidery. The top took me probably about 14-20 hours. I drew the leaf design freehand on one side, traced it, and transferred it to the other side. I did the same for the leaves on the skirt, once the tier was cut. And again, did the same for the fleur di lis. I actually traced a design off of my computer for that. I measured the circumference of the skirt, decided how many fleur di lis I wanted, and divided that number by the circumference to decide how many inches of space I should leave between each. The skirt probably took me about 80 hours to embroider. Oh, and it was done by hand.

As for the little things… I wore a four boned petticoat underneath. My arm accessories are made from craft foam, painted with Rub n Buff. My belt is a long chain connected with a split ring in the center, with the little gem hanging off of the split ring. My crown is craft foam, hot glued to a head band, with Model Magic for the details. I bought the green gems from eBay. My wig is a straightened Luthien in Dark Brown from Arda Wigs, with minimal styling by me. My hair clip is craft foam, with a chopstick, painted with gold acrylic.


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