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30 Days of Cosplay: Day 4

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I missed a day yesterday, so two posts today to make up for that. I had everything typed and ready by my Internet was giving me more trouble than it is actually worth, so I rage quit on it.

Day 4: Your cosplay communities, where do you go to talk about cosplay?

Mostly, just because if I’m talking about it I’m usually asking for help or suggestions on how to do a certain piece, or giving advice on something I’ve done. The forums on are really great for doing things like that. I also talk a bit about things I’m currently working on with my Twitter. I use DeviantArt mostly for posting photos and commenting on other people’s photos, but not really to talk about it. And finally, every once in a while I talk about what I’m doing on my Tumblr.

Oh, and obviously I go to conventions and try to talk to people about cosplay there 🙂


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