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Please Support This Cosplay Photobook Project

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Okay, so I know I got really behind on the cosplay challenge I’ve been doing, and I swear I’ll try and get back to it tomorrow! But today I want to make a post about a cosplay photobook project that I encourage all of you to support any way that you can.

Breaking All the Rules: Cosplay and the Art of Self-Expression is, as creator Ger Tysk describes it, “A photobook project to document one of the most visible elements of geek culture across the USA in interviews and full-color photographs.” Does this sound awesome to you yet? I definitely want this to happen, and I’m sure many other people do too. Not only will Ger’s book have photos in it, but she want to focus on WHY we all do this, and how our lives have become better for it. Ger is passionate about this project because she is so passionate about cosplay. And Ger definitely knows what she’s doing, she’s an excellent cosplayer, photographer, and makes some seriously amazing props and I know she will make this book look and be wonderful.

The website for Breaking All the Rules is located here and from there you can find the IndieGogo fundraiser and Facebook pages. I encourage you to donate anything you can to help Ger out!


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