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How To Stop Procrastinating On Your Costume

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Oh, you mean like I’m doing now? Maybe I’m not the best person to write something like this. Procrastination is a beast. Procrastination has caused me tears, frustration, and a sewing machine needle in my finger at five in the morning the day of the con. It’s something that everyone says they won’t do, is aware that they do it, and won’t do anything about it. I think it’s fair to say that most of the cosplayers I know will procrastinate until the week before the con. Sometimes this can work, depending on the costume and the drive of the individual. Personally, I need that deadline to come creeping closer, and then I work like a mad woman for a week straight. But I know this isn’t healthy, so I thought I would share some of my experiences and tips for preventing cosplay procrastination (but really, this is just an excuse so I can procrastinate on my homework).

Keep in mind: as many tips as you can read about procrastination, it’s all on your head. You could read millions of self-help books, but you wouldn’t help yourself until you decide to help yourself. So, take from me what you can, and use it to help yourself.

Oh, and click the link to the right to my DeviantArt account to see the progress I’ve been making on Garnet!

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Progress Update and Random Thoughts

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I’m sitting here with my best friend as she drills holes into plastic Monopoly houses to make them into earrings. We are having a crafty, costume-y night. All of my materials for Garnet have been purchased (I think) and now all that remains is to take fabric and turn  it into something wonderful. I’m embroidering outline of the vine design onto the bodice, glass of rum and Coke in my hand. Actually, that sounds like a bad idea. Let me put down the greatest offender here – my bodice.

In the past two hours, I have gained immense respect for other Garnet cosplayers, as well as those who have embroidered other parts of their costumes. Check out user AllieBeth’s fully embroidered Yuna obi and skirt. That is so amazing to me, especially since it’s taken me about two hours to sew seven leaves and a foot long straight line.

Anyways, I’ve got seven leaves, the hair clasp, and the base of the crown done. I feel like I am making so much progress in one night, even though the hardest part is yet to come.


Arisia is next weekend, and my wig for my Amy Pond cosplay still hasn’t shipped. So I’ll be the cherry red Amy and not the ginger red Amy. See you there.

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I’m not just creating a blog to talk about making just one costume, or even to catalog the journey of my own costumes. It is a learning experience, my reviews on certain methods and fabrics, and can even spawn tutorials. We’ll see what happens.

Currently in my sewing world, I am cutting out fabric what will henceforth be known as simply, dream dress. I didn’t really look at the pattern when I bought it, only to check the measurements. I didn’t really look at the yardage because, well, in my experience with cosplay it’s hard enough to find a pattern that can be easily modified, and I’m no pattern maker. I almost choked when I saw the yardage this pattern wants in my skirt.

Twelve yards.

Twelve. Yards.

I seriously don’t know if that can even fit on my body, but I am going to have a damn beautiful train. I’m modifying from McCall’s 5321, without the pinned effect (which of course counts for the serious amount of skirt yardage). I’ve got almost everything cut out, I believe I am three skirt pieces short of getting ready to sew! The fabric I’m using is casa satin, and I really need to get a good pair of left-handed pinking shears.

In things that are not for me, I’m helping/guiding a close friend along as she makes a Daenerys costume from HBO’s Game of Thrones to wear to Arisia and Anime Boston. We’ve got a pattern (McCall’s 6351) and are doing a seriously comprehensive fabric search to try and find the perfect weight, drape, and color.