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How To Stop Procrastinating On Your Costume

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Oh, you mean like I’m doing now? Maybe I’m not the best person to write something like this. Procrastination is a¬†beast. Procrastination has caused me tears, frustration, and a sewing machine needle in my finger at five in the morning the day of the con. It’s something that everyone says they won’t do, is aware that they do it, and won’t do anything about it. I think it’s fair to say that most of the cosplayers I know will procrastinate until the week before the con. Sometimes this can work, depending on the costume and the drive of the individual. Personally, I need that deadline to come creeping closer, and then I work like a mad woman for a week straight. But I know this isn’t healthy, so I thought I would share some of my experiences and tips for preventing cosplay procrastination (but really, this is just an excuse so I can procrastinate on my homework).

Keep in mind: as many tips as you can read about procrastination, it’s all on your head. You could read millions of self-help books, but you wouldn’t help yourself until you decide to help yourself. So, take from me what you can, and use it to help yourself.

Oh, and click the link to the right to my DeviantArt account to see the progress I’ve been making on Garnet!

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Five Essential Cosplay/Convention Products…

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…that aren’t needle, thread, food, and water.

I find that, unless asked, you never hear about specific products that are not¬†essentially related to the costume. When you hear someone talk about their essential cosplay products, you get things like clear nail polish for tight runs, or safety pins for costume accidents. While these are great things (and all various tips are wonderful) I wanted to focus more on the five products I use to get “photo ready” with my costume.

Most of these products I also use in real life every day, so they have more use than just for cosplay! If you are ambiguous on buying a product to use only three times a year, have no fear of this list.

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